The Importance of TOP SOIL:

The world’s dirt holds on to 2.2 trillion tons of carbon. That’s more than the combined amount of carbon in the atmosphere and in vegetation. Microbes control  how much carbon soil can hang on to and how much it releases. Their carbon gate keeping is critical, because the element is one of the key components of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2), which is currently at record levels in Earth’s atmosphere.


To  create a global platform in multiple countries to enhance complete utilization and efficient usage of the renewable energy and CARBON content stored in BIOMASS.

“A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the souls of its people.”

A nation’s wealth resides in its ecology and in the soil health of its land.”


To enhance the soil fertility to its maximum potential through the best organic methods and to promote food forests with multi-cropping to increase bio-diversity so that the tremendous free energy from the sun is harvested and stored in the BIOMASS.

“Every drop of water
Every ray of sunlight and
Every inch of land
Every element of air and
Every flame of fire ”
must be completely utilized.


“To bring dead soil to Life ”
Characteristics of living soil:
1. Holds more water.
2. Doesnot run off.
3. Creates spaces for microorganisms to find shelter.
4. Holds more Carbon.
5. Has the perfect balance of 45% soil aggregate, 5% organic matter, 25% air and 25% water.

Carbon is a non bindable material and hence air flows freely through it causing nitrogen fixation.
Carbon is a highly porous material and hence can hold water more than 2 times of its weight .
so the ideal top soil should contain atleast 50% of organic carbon in its first feet of depth(as its found in rain forests) .

Let’s Build Living Soils and keep agriculture alive. After all there is no Planet B.

The Carbon problem and the carbon solution :


The worst place for CARBON to exist is in the form of Carbon-di-oxide in the atmosphere.

The best place for carbon to exist in the TOP SOIL in the form of Organic Carbon

What we do:

We pioneer in the implementation of BIOMASS GASIFICATION and PYROLYSIS processes in rural areas of the globe.
We increase the awareness of the benefits of BIOCHAR and wood-vinegar usages in agriculture through our partnership with agriculture research institutes and certifying bodies.
For the input feedstock of raw material, We always use the unused by-products of  the agriculture industry with very high carbon content such as palm kernel shells ,coconut shells ,walnut shells.
We enhance  rural economies by encouraging sustainable agriculture practices through our ecologically impactful business model.
We promote  PERMACULTURE (permanent agriculture ) with a collaboration model  with  organic farmers through our scheme “ENGROW -FORESTRY”.

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